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The Pop-In studio team designs pop-up events find clients for the concept and then invite the public to attend the celebration. It is a once-off experience that celebrates something ordinary within a creative space. Depending on the setting, the event could be hosted for a few weeks, even months, as our team collaborates with exceptional service providers to bring you the perfect experience. Pop-In studio presents two different functions namely The Lunchroom and The Table.


A fresh approach on the traditional Sunday lunch, The Lunchroom presents a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which the perfect luncheon could be enjoyed with friends and family. Hosted solely on Sundays, our team invites you to come and dish up a delicious plate of harvest style food, purchase a bottle of wine and enjoy local entertainment as we celebrate Sundays and the last bit of leisure left of the weekend.

Whether you are a chef, photographer or venue and want to be part of the Pop in studio events, The Lunchroom or The Table, or even just want to create a new event celebration with us, head on over to our online booking process.


Our private pop-up dinners are gourmet experiences set in a temporary space better known as The Table. We host gourmet dinners combined with local chefs, foods and beverages, embraced by beautiful styling to create a memorable evening for you to enjoy. The Table events are exclusive and hosted mainly on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Our chefs and menus will rotate from event to event, therefore presenting you with a unique experience each time. Food, decor and styling will be inspired by the season and the chef on board will only be announced upon your booking.

If your venue wants to work with the Pop In studio team for a special event, follow our online booking steps to get the process started.

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