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The Generator

It’s Friday, we’re celebrating a birthday AND a brand new awesome spot in Johannesburg.
Now who said you can’t have your cake and eat it.
Friday in itself is a party, but now we just made it a celebration … new beginning … well sort of.

This spot (The Generator) hadn’t even officially opened when we hosted Natja’s pre-birthday celebration. But the pictures says it all, who needs a venue to be totally done and dusted to be able to host a good party and celebrate life. In our minds, this venue was more than ready.

I am obsessed with simplicity, clean lines, open spaces – summed up, a blank canvas. And this is kind of what The Generator is … industrial contemporary cafe simplicity. A cocktail bar by night and during the day an ideal spot for creatives like myself to work from (it is very close to all your corporate clients), they serve artisan roasted coffee and have a ‘your way’ sandwich bar.Pr

I must add, this is one of my favourite things about The Generator. It is like making the best sandwich you can imagine, with all the ingredients you love, except you not making it, you’re just picking from a list every single ingredient you want. You even get to choose the bread … yes, there is a banting option for all the banters out there.

Okay so back to celebrating. On this specific Friday, we added a bit of pretty simplistic details, and loads of candles (to create ambiance, of course) to not only add to the already awesome decor but just to show that this venue is ready to host a birthday party.

Well, cheers to The Generator for this awesome new space, and cheers to celebrating birthdays.

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